“Struck Down” 7″

Record Plug Magazine November 2023

Pyrex review in Record Plug Magazine November 2023

Brooklyn’s Pyrex joined Die Slaughterhaus Records’ new wave of grimey post-punk adversaries with “Struck Down” and “Staying Alive.” Both numbers plunge the group into menacing depths while revealing a dark sense of humor. The trio summon bludgeoning intensity with “Struck Down.” On the flipside, a perfectly nasty cover of the Bee Gees’ disco-era classic “Staying Alive” feels like a Killed By Death deep cut that was captured at a construction site–grounded in dense rhythm and noise–as Hardwick’s distorted growl finds new meaning in the lyrics, “Life goin’ nowhere, somebody help me.” NOTE: The Bandcamp version sounds notably crisp when compared to the gruff and spacious vinyl rendering.

Razorcake #139 2024

New York’s Pyrex, who released a fucking killer LP on Total Punk last year, are back with two new songs here. Pyrex is a unique mix of heavy and plodding punk yet also high energy, catchy, and danceable at the same time. The result is a modern take on post-punk with some hardcore influence, especially in the vocals. Imagine if your favorite “mysterious guy” hardcore band from ten years ago decided they were tired of being so angry and binged on nothing but Killing Joke records. It might, just maybe, kinda sorta sound something like this. Maybe. –Mark Twistworthy (Die Slaughterhaus,

Maximum Rock’N’Roll November 2023

Two-song hot shit alert from this Brooklyn band. A-side “Struck Down” layers cracked amp post-punk over disco beats that are heavy on the hi-hat. Ultra-ragged vocals rip around sneaky, catchy guitar lines, creating a song that unbelievably ends up melodic and danceable. Then the chorus comes, and the song collapses into screaming noise rock, only to stumble back to its feet and embrace the upbeat rhythm again. Give it a spin—it rules. B-side “Staying Alive” is—you guessed it—a cover of the BEE GEES classic. But this is no Punk Goes Pop novelty, PYREX burns it down and does snow angels in the ashes, organizes a dance battle with two broken legs, and still does the original more justice than necessary for noise punk derelicts. Check it out.

ISSUE – MRR #486 • NOVEMBER 2023