“Máquina Caótica” 7″

Record Plug Magazine October 2023

Ladrones Record Plug Magazine review Oct '23

Since 2017, banshee singer Valeria Sanchez and guitarist José Rivera have fleshed out a thrashing, wailing hurricane of garage punk and rock ‘n’ roll. With their latest three song EP, the San Juan by way of Atlanta outfit unleashes a feral show of stripped-down and blown-out punk aggression that feels perfectly dangerous. “Apagón,” “Máquina Caótica,” and “Pistola Bebé” are hard-rocking, Latin-inflected screamers that go straight for the jugular, and they’re exactly what you’ve always wanted from Ladrones.

Thrasher Magazine November 2023

Ladrones Thrasher Nov '23

Razorcake #139 2024

High octane punk that gets straight to the point. This group is from Puerto Rico originally, and based out of Atlanta, Ga. now. Songs are in Spanish and they fucking rock. The record’s title is translated into Chaotic Machine and they more than live up to that. There is certainly structure to their songs—and a suffocating tightness to their rhythm—but there’s no sense of security. For all three tracks, it feels like a full-force punch to the face. They’re fierce the entire length of the record. It’s definitely worth picking up. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)

Maximum Rock’n’Roll December 2023

Hailing from Atlanta via Puerto Rico, LADRONES have been consistently pumping out electrifying punk rock’n’roll since their 2019 self-titled debut on Slovenly. Following some lineup changes, the band has developed into a wild and energetic garage monster primed to lay waste to anything its path. The three cuts featured on this EP capture a raucous and rowdy vibe that can’t be manufactured. If ANGRY ANGLES had been from Atlanta or CARBONAS spent too much time in Memphis, we may have ended up with something similar to what LADRONES are up to, but they’re not quite that easy to nail down. This record hints at a powerful direction for the band. Can’t wait to see what nastiness they’ll spin up next.

ISSUE – MRR #487 • DECEMBER 2023